Art Nouveua Drone

Modeled in Maya and Zbrush, stenciled designed created in Krita and sculpted in Zbrush. Textured in Substance Painter, five 2k maps. About two months to complete.

Concept credit towards  . Sculpted 3D Coat, and refined in Zbrush. Retopo in 3D Coat, and UV'ed in Maya. Textured and baked in Substance Painter 2 onto a 2k square. About four days to complete.

Military Style backpack. Main pack body and top/side straps sculpted in Zbrush with hard surface items modeled in Maya. Textured in Substance Painter 2 on 2k map.

About a week and a half for completion.

Gothic boot. Sculpted in Zbrush, Retopo in 3D Coat, and textured in Substance painter. 2k PBR texture. about three days to complete.

Modern boxing glove with Velcro strap. Sculpted in Zbrush, retopo'ed in 3D Coat and textured in Substance Painter, 2k texture, PBR. Rendered in Marmoset Toolbag. Around three days to complete.

German WW1 Helmet. PBR pipeline with 2K texture. Textured in 3D Coat. Sculpted in Zbrush.

Hiking Boots. Sculpted in Zbrush and textured in 3D Coat, PBR texture 1k.