About myself

I am a freelance 3D artist/ technical artist/ animator, depending on what the contract requires, residing in Berlin, Germany. My work at this point has been with collaborating with independent developers for a variety needs as I've learned to function under a number of hats. I have worked either alone or in remote group settings using sites such as Slack, Trello, Dropbox, and Github for file and task tracking. The art side of my skills consists mostly of character and prop work, while the technical is monster and humanoid rigs.

Now about why I do what I do. I love to create. It's a fulfilling purpose for me, that I am able to go from idea or concept to, well it's not a physical object per say, but to something another person can look at and hopefully have a good reaction from. That I am able to give something back. With games, for me the experience of being a team creating another world and story, small or large is bolted on and with all the books read, and games played, I can say that I've added onto the pile.

Regarding the business side of my freelance work, I'm very receptive to critique and feedback and will do the best I can do make changes necessary. Of information that I may need I will provide a clear description and reasons of why such info is needed.

Payment base rate is 14 usd per hour, but I am also open to one time payments.

Released Titles

Orbus Online

Falling Stars: War of Empires



3D Artist at Max Louis Creative   July 2017 - Current

Character and Animal Rigger at Virtual Basement June 2017 - Current

3D Artist at Orbus Online  June 2017  - May 2018

3D Artist at Chronos VR July 2016 - March 2017

Contract 3D Animator for Tiberium Secrets. May - July 2016.

Environment Artist for Astroderps (in progress title) March 2016 - May

Astroderps Steam page

3D Environment Artist for Undead Darlings. March 2016 - Current.

Undead Darlings Kickstarter Page

PolyTerra (3D Artist) March 2016 - April

Cotton Madness by Chapin Chappell (Character artist, Rigging) March 2016 - May.

Falling Stars: War of Empires(Character art, Rigging, Animation) December 2015 - February 2016

Bjorn Furuknap( Environment Art July 2015

David Pereira(Character RIgging) May -August 2015  

Kevin Bernard (Texture and Character Artist) March - June 2015,

Stanislav Botev (Character Modeling) March - November 2015,

Rigging freelance for indie game Bain's Redemption April - July 2014,

Imagination Vent(3D Artist) Oct 2013 - April 2014

Known Software

 Zbrush, Autodesk Maya, and Mudbox, Marvelous Desinger, 3D Coat, Unity 3D, Marmoset Toolbox, Unreal Engine 4, Substance Painter

Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Gimp 2.8

And again, thank you for visiting.